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An idea discovery and communication platform for the fearless social and business innovators

Ideas are the foundation of everything: growth, transformation, efficiency, social and economic progress. Where do ideas come from in your organization? How are these ideas generated, developed, communicated, and evaluated? We provide the tools and methodology that can help you answer these questions and change the world.

The Importance of Idea Discovery in Innovation Management

Innovation now is more important than ever, but it is fraught with peril. Bold claim: organizations can save millions and avoid years of unnecessary pivots if their leaders consider just a few simple questions.

The Systematic Innovation Imperative

The innovation imperative is a corollary of the growth imperative. Due to human behavioral biases, innovation does not emerge organically in a mature organization and must be managed in a methodical way that we call systematic innovation.

S-Curve Rules

Meaningful innovation at faster clock speed is essential. A decline in unit sales can be reversed by implementing a shorter product release cycle but at the cost of reducing the overall customer population.


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